Axie Infinity & the Scholarship System

Axie Infinity is a game produced by Sky Mavis & Animoca, where players collect, breed, and do battle with fierce, adorable digital monsters.

Successful battlers earn coins with real-world value such as AXS and SLP.

Community Gaming: Esports Tournament Organizing Automation

Community Gaming is an all-in-one platform offering esports & tournament management infrastructure. The platform equips players, organizers, and game developers with the tools they need to create, facilitate, and participate in esports tournaments. The platform’s smart contracts handle the prize purse and pays out players immediately upon completion of their tournaments. Players can earn money…
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[AXS] All About the AXS Token!

Axie Infinity Shards are Coins represent a small piece of financial ownership in Lunacia, Axie Infinity’s Metaverse. AXS tokens are awarded to Arena Battle players at the conclusion of each competitive season. One AXS coin is required to breed a new Axie, and when spent to breed, the AXS coin is deposited into the Axie…
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[SLP] – What is the SLP Token?

Axie Infinity’s Smooth Love Potion is awarded to players for winning battles in Axie Infinity’s game. SLP has no supply cap – instead, SLP is burned when players create a new Axie by “breeding” two existing Axies together. This coin is currently traded on most major Exchanges, Uniswap, and Sky Mavis’s own RONIN Dex. SLP…
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[NFTs] Putting the FUN in Fungible

NFT ( *N*on *F*ungible *T*oken ) – A technical term for a unique digital asset, such as a trading card, game character, or artwork. The term FUNGIBLE means that two assets are interchangeable, such as a dollar bill, which can be traded freely back and forth without any value changing hands. A NON fungible asset…
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About Us & Contacts List

AxieGG is a player-organized guild of Axie Infinity players & investors. Our focus is using Axie to bring blockchain to the world, and we achieve that by investing in top-tier digital assets for competitive Axie Infinity play.